Each quiz problem can have the following properties { ques, ans, ansInfo, ansSel, ansSelInfo, retry }

"retry" is amount of attempts that a user will have to answer a question correctly.

"ansSelInfo" is used to provide additional information each the answer selections.
Each element in "ansSelInfo" correspond with each element in "ansSel".
This allows for each answer selection to have unique feedback.

The following quiz uses the "retry" and "ansSelInfo" properties.

// ### Example Quiz
var quiz = {
			ques: "Let 2x = 10. <br/>What is x?",
			ans: 5,
			ansSel: [ 10, 20, 0 ],
			retry: 2 	// The question can only be tried twice. Otherwise the user's answer is wrong.
			ques: "What is the capital of Canada?", 
			ans: "Ottawa, Ontario",
			ansInfo: "<a href='http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ottawa'>The City of Ottawa</a> is where the capital of Canada.",
			ansSel: [ "Hanoi", "Washington, D.C." ] 
			ansSelInfo: [
				"Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam", 
				"Washington, D.C. is the capital of the USA"
$( "#quizArea" ).jQuizMe( quiz );
// ### End of Example Quiz